I’m pleased to provide a sampling of the Patents with which I’ve been involved.  Click the title and the Patent detail will open in a new tab/window. You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat to view the Patents; click here if you need to download and install Acrobat.

  1. Apparatus And Method For Event Correlation And Problem Reporting - 7,337,090
  2. Method And Apparatus For Reference Model Change Generation In Managed Systems - 7,464,132
  3. Method And Apparatus For Adaptive Monitoring And Management Of Distributed Systems - 7,529,181
  4. Method And Apparatus For Determining Monitoring Locations In Distributed Systems - 7,546,609
  5. Method And Apparatus For Mapping And Identifying The Root Causes Of Performance Problems In Network-Based Systems - 7,779,101
  6. Method And Apparatus For Configuration And Analysis Of Internal Network Routing Protocols - 7,792,045